Epic Tufting Bundle

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Embark on your rug tufting journey with the Epic Tufting Bundle, our highest-tier package meticulously curated for both novice and expert tufters. This comprehensive kit offers everything necessary to create exquisite rugs, combining unparalleled functionality, artistic flair, and top-quality materials for an unmatched crafting experience.

Included in the Epic Tufting Bundle:

  1. Tufting Gun: Select the AKI cut pile machine for precise cuts or the Duo cut and loop pile machine for versatile styling. Each offers unique features to ignite your creativity.

  2. Carpet Carving Machine: Trusted by rug tufting experts, this machine, paired with our exclusive carving guide, ensures precision and stability as you craft the perfect rug surface.

  3. Duckbill Scissors: Experience uniform trimming with these precision-ground cutting blades that lay flat against the floor.

  4. Wooden Frame: Enhance your workspace with this sophisticated, easy-to-install frame crafted from top-quality wood.

  5. Needle Threader: Say goodbye to losing your thread with this elegant solution, creating a seamless tufting experience.

  6. 1x2 Yards Primary Tufting Fabric: Start your project right with this high-quality primary tufting fabric, specifically chosen to work seamlessly with your chosen tufting gun.

  7. 1x2 Felt Secondary Backing Fabric: Complete your rug with our secondary backing fabric, providing stability and a professional finish to your creation.

The Epic Tufting Bundle is not just a set of tools; it's your all-in-one gateway to boundless creativity in the world of rug tufting. With superior quality materials and innovative design, it's an invitation to elevate your artistic expression to the next level.

Special Offer: Dive into the world of rug creation with the highest tier of craftsmanship. The Epic Tufting Bundle encompasses every tool and fabric you need.

Whether you're beginning or perfecting your rug tufting skills, the Epic Tufting Bundle equips you with all the premium essentials. Order now and transform your rug tufting aspirations into unparalleled artistic achievements.


What's included in this bundle?

- Your choice of the tufting machine (select from the drop down list) 

- 36x72 inch Primary Tufting Fabric

- 36x72 inch Felt Secondary Backing Fabric

- Carpet Carving Machine 

- Carpet Carving Guide 

- Duckbill scissor

- Tufting Wooden Frame

- Needle Threader