The sky’s the limit for your rug tufting designs

The sky’s the limit for your rug tufting designs

Rug Tufting Designs


You can tuft gorgeous, ornate rugs exactly as you wish, in your home’s color scheme and in whatever sizes you choose. 


You can create floral rugs in whatever size, shape, and color scheme you want for a specific space. 

If you want an extra large rug with tropical flowers to match your unique color scheme, you don’t have to hit every brick-and-mortar store or scour the internet for the perfect rug, you can make it yourself.


Put your unique spin on your space with the geometric or outside-the-box modern aesthetics you love. You can even match the rug perfectly to any complicated color scheme.


If you want to make branded rugs to promote your business, create a welcome rug with a personal message, decorate the kitchen with an inspirational saying, anything, you can do it with rug tufting.


While any rug you design is a work of art, some rug tufting creations go one step further. They may be particularly outside-the-box in terms of design, shape, and pile length. You could freestyle your rug, representing a feeling or concept or plan an artwork similar to a painting using a rug rather than a canvas. Some people create rugs that look like a mixed medium painting.

If you want to explore this type of rug tufting, it’s a good idea to point out to you that some people also use their tufted creations as wall hangings and other types of decor.

Characters and Shapes

For yourself, your kids, or loved ones who are big fans of something, you can recreate favorite characters, sports figures, celebrities, anything really. You could create a rug that looked like a classic UFO or a spaceship from a favorite movie or TV show. The rug can be traditionally-shaped with the image inside or it can be shaped like the person or object.Depending on the amount of yarn you want to buy, you can get very detailed with the color to make rugs that are just stunningly like the character or object.

Create Anything You Want

Creatively speaking, you can make pretty much any design or shape you wish for your rug to decorate your space, make special gifts, or to sell. But you will want to consider the complexity of a design when you’re first starting out, the number of colors, and the time investment in a very large rug to ensure you thoroughly enjoy your rug tufting experience.