Introducing Sparrow: The Next-Generation of Tufting Machines

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Exciting news from Tuftology! We're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation that's set to revolutionize the world of textile arts: the Sparrow tufting machine. Named after the spirited and creative little bird, Sparrow is designed to inspire and facilitate artists and makers in their creative endeavors.


Features of Sparrow:

Sparrow is not just another tufting machine. It’s a leap forward in crafting technology, featuring:

  • A robust build with a solid body made from the finest materials ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Advanced stainless steel CNC machined scissors that glide through yarn with unprecedented ease.
  • A high-performance brushless motor, designed for smooth operation and minimal noise. Making it the quietest tufting machine on the market.
  • Digital speed control displayed on an easy-to-read screen, giving you complete control over your tufting projects.

Benefits of Using Sparrow:

  • Enhanced Creativity: With tools made to handle the demands of any project, Sparrow lets your creativity soar without limitations.
  • Increased Productivity: The efficiency of the Sparrow means you can produce more in less time, with less effort.
  • Unmatched Precision: Fine-tune your projects with precision controls that are easy to adjust as you work.

The Story Behind the Name:

Every morning, the world awakens to the delightful songs of sparrows, their melodies a joyful prelude to the day. These spirited little birds, with their energetic presence, have always been a symbol of joy and inspiration, especially during my morning rituals with a cup of coffee in hand.

Sparrows, known for their resourcefulness, often incorporate strands of yarn and wool found in their environment into their daily lives, much like the artists and creators who use similar materials to express themselves. This harmony between nature and creativity sparked an idea that felt both natural and inspiring.

Thus, we named our new rug tufting machine "Sparrow." Our Sparrow machine embodies the spirit of these cheerful birds, enabling creators to transform yarn into stunning textile arts. Each piece crafted with Sparrow is not just an item of aesthetic value; it's a creation that brings happiness and warmth, akin to the uplifting effect of a sparrow's song.

With Sparrow, we invite you to infuse your spaces with joy and artistic expression. Whether it's through bold colors, intricate patterns, or the simple pleasure of creation, Sparrow is your companion in weaving beauty and happiness into your life.

As you embark on your creative endeavors with Sparrow, let the cheerful essence of sparrows inspire your designs. Just as their songs brighten the morning, let your creations brighten the world!!



Q: Can Sparrow do both cut and loop pile?

A: Yes, absolutely! Sparrow is versatile and ready to jump into any style you're aiming for—cut or loop, it's all good!

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: You bet! No matter where you are, Sparrow can come to you. We love sending our creations across the globe.

Q: What's the price of Sparrow, and are there any special promotions?

A: Sparrow is yours for just $299. Plus, we're rolling out the red carpet for our first 50 customers with a fabulous promotion. Just use the code SPARROW at checkout to catch the deal!

Q: How soon will Sparrow be shipped once I place my order?

A: Hang tight! We’ll have your Sparrow winging its way to you just two weeks after you place your order. Good things come to those who wait!



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