Duo 2.0 Cut & Loop tufting gun

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Introducing the Duo 2.0 - a tufting gun that offers both cut and loop pile functions in one device! A perfect combination of our favorite tufting guns, the Duo 2.0 is an incredible option for novices and seasoned tufters alike.

The Duo 2.0, an upgraded iteration of the classic Duo model. It features a hard plastic shell safeguarding the gear system from yarn entanglement, a more reliable AC power adapter for uninterrupted operation, and enhanced quality scissors for precision cutting. This refined combination of durability, efficiency, and quality brings you a superior crafting experience.


  • Material: High-quality aluminum
  • Cut-Pile Height Range: .275 to .70" (7 - 18 mm)
  • Loop-Pile Height Range: .157" to .55" (4 - 13 mm)
  • Stitching Speed: 5 - 43 stitches per second
  • Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kgs)
  • Voltage: Universal (100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 HZ)

Expand your creative possibilities with the Duo 2.0 Electric Cut & Loop Tufting Machine. Embrace the power of choice and versatility. Experience the quality and care of Tuftology®.