Advance Tufting Bundle

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Discover professional rug crafting with the Advance Tufting Bundle, your comprehensive solution for creating stunning tufted rugs. This exclusive package has been designed for those seeking advanced tools and quality in their tufting projects, combining all you need into one exceptional bundle.

Included in the Advance Tufting Bundle:

  1. Tufting Guns: Select between the AKI cut pile machine for refined cuts or the Duo cut and loop pile machine for versatile creativity. Both are engineered for advanced tufting needs.

  2. Carpet Carving Machine: Endorsed by rug tufting experts, this carving machine provides unparalleled performance. Alongside our original carving guide, it ensures stability and precision as you finish your rug's surface.

  3. Extras 2 carver Blades: Two additional blades, beautifully housed in a sleek tin container, provide replacements when needed.

  4. Duckbill Scissors: Crafted to lay flat against the floor, these scissors enable even trimming, adding finesse to your project.

  5. Needle Threader: Our specially created needle threader eliminates the annoyance of losing your thread, offering a seamless tufting experience.

The Advance Tufting Bundle is more than just a collection of tools; it's an investment in quality, efficiency, and artistic potential.

Special Offer: Save over $80 with this bundle, which includes premium items valued at over $450. Embrace a combination of quality and affordability, and elevate your rug crafting to a new level of excellence.

Whether a seasoned crafter or someone looking to delve into advanced rug tufting, the Advance Tufting Bundle is your all-in-one package to professional success. Order now and take your rug crafting skills to the pinnacle of artistry.


What's included in this bundle?

- Your choice of the tufting machine (select from the drop down list)

- Carpet Carving Machine 

- Carpet Carving Guide 

- Duckbill scissor

- Extra 2 Blades 

- Needle Threader