Carpet Carving Bundle

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Enhance your rug tufting experience with our exclusive carpet carving and tufting kit bundle, designed to bring professional craftsmanship into your hands. This comprehensive set offers everything you need to give a refined finish to your tufted rug, making it ideal for both beginners and rug tufting experts.

Included in this value-packed bundle:

  1. Carpet Carving Machine: Endorsed by rug tufting experts, this carving machine is the most recommended in the market. It's an essential part of the tufting kit, designed to provide an expert finish.

  2. Carving Guide: Our proprietary carving guide ensures stability and precision as part of the tufting kit, helping you work effortlessly on the surface of your rug.

  3. Extra 2 Carver Blades: The additional two blades come elegantly packaged in a tin can, providing you with spare essential tools within the tufting kit.

  4. Precision Duckbill Scissors: These special scissors with ground cutting blades are perfect for even trimming, making them a must-have in any tufting kit.

  5. Needle Threader: This specially designed needle threader is included in the tufting kit to streamline your crafting process, helping you thread your tufting gun  with ease.

Special Offer: Save over $50 with this bundle and tufting kit! Valued at over $200, this package represents unbeatable quality and value in rug crafting.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or a seasoned professional in rug tufting, our rug carving and tufting kit bundle provides all the essentials in one package. Enhance your skills, save money, and let your creativity flourish. Order now and take the first step towards mastering the art of rug tufting.

Items included in this bundle?

- Carpet Carving Machine 

- Carpet Carving Guide

- Duckbill scissor

- Extra 2 Blades 

- Needle Threader